We can make use of a large variety of files, but we can produce the best results with vector art and hi-resolution graphics. We accept Ai, EPS, PSD, and in some cases JPG, GIF, PNG. We do not accept MS Word or PPT files, they are not graphics programs, and sometimes art fees apply with those file types. If you only have these type of files, please save them as a .pdf so we can view them the way you see them on your computer.

Here's what we'd like to work with, in order of preference:

Vector art. This means Adobe Illustrator CS4 (.ai) files or EPS CS4 files (or earlier versions). In either case, please convert all text to outlines. If you know your Pantone color values, go ahead and plug them in - we used the coated "c" colors (ie 200c). In particular, this is the best form for screen printing.

High resolution raster art. This means Adobe Photoshop CS4 or lower (psd) files, or a jpg (don't compress it, save at level 10), or for some types of art, a gif or png will work. If your art is raster art, make sure it's 300dpi at the size you want us to print it.

• Anything else. We can make due with various low-res images and clip art, but please understand that they will not look nearly as good as either of the above on your finished product. We may need to re-create all or part of your file, which may involve art fees.

Of course, you are responsible for making sure you have the rights to reprint any copyrighted material.

As usual, if you have any art questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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